Each piece of Skipping Lilies jewelry is handmade by me, starting with collecting & foraging tiny plants (or when underwater - algae, which is technically a "protist").  These tiny specimens are brought back to the studio where each one is pressed for several weeks to preserve the form.  Bits of plants are dissected & isolated,  becoming the design material used to create small artistic compositions of natural elements, encased in stained glass, that are the central focus of each piece.  Some of these compositions are photographed, the images transferred onto ceramic tile or fine art paper for print.  I create patterns with the images, printing the designs onto 100% silk, made into scarves.  While the jewelry & photography are all done by me, I send my digital designs off to ethical manufacturers & makers - for the textile printing, sewing, framing & ceramic tile pieces - all produced in the USA.   Thank you for taking the  time to peruse the various ways we have highlighted these beautiful living things - in simple, yet elegant designs.