I've been selected to be the Artist-in-Residence onboard, creating a series of illustrations, documenting the expedition - continuing the tradition of 19th century naturalist expeditions, when explorers, scientists and artists set sail together to share the same experience, each contributing to a common overarching goal.

In addition, I will bring my background is in biology & education; my experience in scuba diving (as a certified PADI divemaster) & expedition travel, to contribute in all aspects of this expedition. I would love to be able demonstrate that there are many ways to be involved in scientific research, discovery and conservation. Our oceans desperately need the input & help from all walks of life. I'm incredibly honored to be invited to join this team.

If you would like to make a contribution, I’ve created a GoFundme page:


Any contribution would help me make this journey a reality & would be greatly appreciated! It is also a huge contribution to share this link with friends or family - anyone you know, who might be interested!

Dear friends -

I've been selected to be part of the Sedna Epic expedition - an all-women's team of scientists, explorers, educators, filmmakers, photographers, journalists & artists - on an expedition to the Arctic circle.

The goals of the expedition are two-fold:

1. During November 22-25, the Sedna Epic will run a leadership program in Tromso, Norway, discussing women’s growing representation in exploration and STEMM careers. During the leadership program we hope to connect with Sami women, to better understand this part of the Arctic, its history, geography, and the culture and traditions of its Indigenous people.

2. Following the leadership program, Sedna's sea women will spend November 25-December 1, 2019, aboard the MV Freya, snorkelling with orcas and humpbacks and undertaking scientific research.

The team is composed of 14 women - age ranging from 20's to mid-70's.

This is an issue near & dear to my heart - inspiring & empowering young girls to get involved in science, in any way that they can - while being able to experience first-hand, one of the world's great wildlife spectacles.

*I've created a special piece, to help make this journey a reality:

1. Sea beans or “sea hearts” (also known as drift seeds) are seeds and fruits that are carried to the ocean, often by freshwater streams and rivers, then drift with the ocean currents and (hopefully!) wash ashore. These sea-beans come from trees and vines that grow along tropical shores and rain forests all over the world. The beans fall from the parent plant, into streams and rivers, to drift with the ocean's currents until being washed onto a shore thousands of miles from where they once grew. Floating in the sea by the thousands, only the hardiest endure long voyages on ocean currents which may finally bring them to rest on foreign shores.

Sea–beans are known as symbols of good luck and longevity. In old England, sea hearts were good luck charms for seafarers because they had weathered a long ocean journey.

Sea beans come on a 17” chain, unless otherwise specified! (please send me an email if you’d like a different length! skippinglilies@gmail.com)