we have received countless notes of encouragement & the kindest words of thanks.  I can't begin to express my gratitude, for the encounters I have had with customers over the years & the affection & stories they have shared.    

I love that you have captured such incredibly delicate wisps of nature and made them something to observe   and admire. It is evanescence made more permanent. I think you make beautiful jewelry and you will find a way to market that is comfortable for you.
— Lynne
Thanks for doing these so quickly, and for getting back to me so quickly with a nice email. I’m looking forward to gifting them. It would have been super awkward to have had my wife unwrap an IOU. You probably just saved my marriage. Have a great trip and safe flight.
— Scott
Got your newest creations this weekend! 
I’d ordered 2 large pendants for friends, and another + earrings for myself. My friends LOVED them. One was a replacement that had been stolen (I’d given her a previous gift from you), and the other was a cute matching (slightly smaller) for her girlfriend. They absolutely loved them and put them on immediately. The first friend almost started crying bc the other (stolen) necklace had meant so much to her. THANK YOU for creating such gorgeous, nature-based and beautiful pieces. I do love them! :) :)
— Kat
I meant to follow up on the order you sent, but forgot to - until now!

The pendant came in plenty of time. It was the perfect color, and it looks beautiful! Even better, my wife TOTALLY loves it and wears it (literally) almost every day. Thanks again for your work. I hope you and your brother’s business and art continue to thrive.
— Matthew
I’ve been meaning to E-mail you for quite a while now…but your jewelry was absolutely stunning for my wedding.  I got so many compliments on my necklace.  People needed to know where I found something so unique.  The girls loved their presents!  In fact, they’ve been wearing them since!  I cannot thank you enough for your talents, and working through all my e-mails to get exactly what I wanted.  I’ll send some pictures from the big day!  
— love, Amanda
Hello.  I just wanted to tell you that I wore my new necklace for the first time yesterday and was checking it out every time I was in front of a mirror!  It is really gorgeous and the stained glass is a nice touch.  Thank you and I hope to order something again soon from you. 
— Gail
I bought 2 pendants from you at the Ann Arbor art fair this year, one for myself and one for my mom (she later lost hers but that’s besides the point). I just wanted to let you know how beautiful your necklaces are I wear it every single day and each time I see it makes me smile. I know it seems weird for something so small to be so significant but it truly makes the worst days better.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful art with the world,
— Megan
Hi Eric & Kristin,

Saw your stuff at the Three Rivers Art Festival- Just wanted to say it’s beautiful work! ...and makes me happy to see. 

I passed your website along to all of my friends.

Best of luck with the business
— Renée
I visited your booth at the Edina Art Fair and was enchanted with your work.  I took a card and we have been joyfully perusing your website at work.  Your work, your site, your bio – all communicates a joy and beauty that comes through so clearly in your work.  We are planning our next field-trip to visit one of the stores who feature your work.
Thank you for a nice diversion from our day -
— Becky

Just a quick update:  my wife loves the necklace.  She pretty much does not take it off.  She is happy, I am happy and her friends are jealous.  This translates into more business for you: I am sending your web address to two of them today. 
Thanks very much,
— Mirek

And perhaps the greatest compliment we ever received, from a young Skipping Lilies fan:

 Thank you, Gus Giordano.  We were absolutely charmed.