Cleaning your pendant:

  • edges are pewter - clean with a baking soda paste (mix baking soda with a touch of water, to form a dry paste), rub against edge of piece to brighten & remove any tarnish that might naturally occur.
  • chains/components are sterling silver - clean with a silver polishing cloth


Caring for your pendant

  • keep dry.  (glass & botanical pendants contain real plants & flowers.  they are not lifeguard certified, or dishwasher safe)
  • store out of direct sunlight.  the tiny plants & flowers are in their natural state.  please protect your piece from fading by keeping out of direct sun.  this does not mean you cannot wear your piece outside, (heavens!) we just recommend special care when it is being stored.


will my pendant last forever?

chemical injections have not been used in the treatment of the plants & flowers.  While they may not remain forever unchanged, we know that you will enjoy your piece for a very long time, and we hope you appreciate all of the grace & beauty that naturally occurs with age.  

(Many of the plants that we use have been time tested to last in the course of our 10 years of experimenting. Much of the color of the pendants is in the glass.  any change that occurs in the plants only increases the contrast of the design.  They are designed to evolve beautifully, we hope you appreciate how they do.)