Photography kristin wornson

Skipping Lilies

 I have a love of wild things and wild places, and a desire to exhibit the beauty that exists there.  I make jewelry using plant material I’ve collected as my primary design element, and glass as the other component.  Exploring jewelry as 2-dimensional, I find limitless possibilities for design using nothing but the plants I have scavenged.  I see pendants as tiny canvases – within which I represent spectacularly intricate living things - in simple, but elegant design.  The designs play off the color and texture of glass – maintaining the subtle and quiet beauty of the plants and flowers I showcase.  Much of what I collect is headed for the mower – tiny flowers and weeds that for most of their lives go completely unnoticed.  These same trodden plants take on a life of staggering beauty when given the opportunity to be examined.  I hope they encourage a closer look.

Skipping Lilies started as a brother/sister team, resulting from simple inspiration:  a convergence of early stained-glass projects (monitored by an energetic Norwegian grandfather), a primal fondness for artistic pursuits and nostalgic jewelry, a biology degree (Kristin) that led her to work in such places as Antarctica & the Amazon Rainforest, & an engineering degree (Eric) to finesse it together. 

My renaissance-man brother left in 2012, to pursue a family & career in engineering.  

Skipping Lilies operates out of a tiny studio, that for a small portion of the day becomes my apartment.

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