tiny - yellow with stem


tiny - yellow with stem

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Tiny glass pendant necklaces are 1/2" X 1/2".  

Each piece is made using collected plant material.  Plants are collected, pressed, dried; meticulously placed in glass & edged in a silver (pewter-finish) solder.

  • 16" or 18" sterling silver chain included.  
  • 20" chain available ($2 additional)
  • 36" extra long chain hangs close to belly ($8 additional)

chain styles can be viewed via the "chains" link:  http://www.skippinglilies.com/chains/ 

*These pieces are made to order, please allow 10 days for me to make them, with additional time for shipping.  Often I can get items to you much quicker!  Please email skippinglilies@gmail.com if you have a deadline!  Thanks!

The flowers are collected and pressed for several months (often years) before setting them in glass. To best care for them, store them out of sunlight - and keep them dry!   Each piece contains a real plant or flower & is not waterproof ("not dishwasher safe or lifeguard approved").  

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