set of 4 (4.25" X 4.25") ceramic tiles.

botanical ceramic tile
botanical ceramic tile

set of 4 (4.25" X 4.25") ceramic tiles.


Set of any 4 tiles, please indicate in the notes which ones you would like me to include with the order!  

* please select a backing for your tile.  Your tile will arrive with the backings not attached, so that you can determine the orientation for hanging. 


  • wall hanging - I will include an adhesive plastic hanging that can be attached to the back of the tile, in whatever orientation you would like & hangs on a nail.
  • cork - selecting cork will mean that your tile will arrive with an adhesive cork backing that will allow your tile to be used as a coaster or trivet.

Each ceramic tiles starts as a miniature glass pendant.

The tiny plant vignettes are photographed & enlarged. Images are printed on ceramic tile, using the dye sublimation process.  (*note:  images can be ordered printed on various materials for the wall (see "botanical print collection" link) 

Tiles can be used as a decorative wall piece, or with a cork backing, as a coaster.  please indicate which backing you'd prefer!

Each tile is professionally printed by ImageSnap. 

Via their website: "Sublimation is the process by which a solid state transitions to a gas phase without passing through an intermediate liquid phase. ImageSnap’s solid state is ink on paper. The ink becomes a vapor when heated, and the vapor dyes a melting polymer (polyester) coating that has been applied to the tile’s surface. Our gloss photo tile are susceptible to swirl marks if not cleaned or installed properly. Matte finish is more durable and less susceptible to these marks. ImageSnap photo tile will last for years if handled like any fine furniture. ImageSnap has made thousands of photo tiles over the years using this printing method." 

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